12 “Top” fk Players: who and what are they?

You should read ‘12 Players You Always See at 5-a-side’ written at 5-a-side.com before you read this piece of writing.

Because this is adaptation of it.

“Top” fk also consists of twelve players. This is to illustrate how they fit into 5-a-side.com’s characterization of twelve players we always see in futsal.

The structure is almost intact but the content is adapted.

I have to say that it is not ultimate characterization of “Top” fk players. One player can be characterized with many of types below.

In anyhow it is fun to see them like below.

1) The latecomer

To be honest he has never been late to any our “FP Liqa” games, but, still we know his last minute thing.

He “wakes up” quarter minutes prior to kick-off time. It takes him 5 minutes to get off the bed, 5 minutes to watch Beyrek cooking and 5 minutes to eat. And voila, we start playing on pitch, and he starts his warm-up running home to pitch.

Who: Ariz

Most likely to say: “Beyrek is guilty. He cooked late”

Least likely to say: “That won’t happen again”

2) The moaner

He is not actually the moaner. It and he are only ones left without personalized. I got to meet them together. Sorry you two. 😦

Who: Anar

Most likely to say: “Yes, Sir.”

Least likely to say: “No, Sir.”

 3) The Veteran

Nagi is the oldest player of “Top”. He is 28 years and ten months old.

Who: Nagi

Most likely to say: “We’ll do better if…”

Least likely to say: “no idea!!!”

4) The Step-Over King

He is the one who holds the ball the longest. Because he dribbles more than anyone. I would not be wrong saying that he got the best tricks none of us does.

Who: Mahammad

Most likely to say: “I cannot play there. That is the exact zone I play the best.”

Least likely to say: “I’ll do it.”

 5) The Big Man

Nice save from the big man. He is our goalkeeper. He does not possess good foot work but he can use best of his hands. Thus, we don’t have the problem of “play it to my feet” as it is put by 5-a-side.com

Who: Ilkin

Most likely to say: “Mark up, mark up, mark up!!!”

Least likely to say: “Sorry my mistake.”

6) The Goal Hanger

He scores a lot. He is actually the top scorer with 18 goals since “Top” fk has been formed. This is more than goals scored by 11 “Top” players combined (17 goals).

Who: Mammed

Most likely to say: “Guys!!! I insist, please, let me help you in defence…forget it. I was joking. [then laughter would follow]”

Least likely to say: “Great pass!”

7) The Shooter

He keeps the ball very well. He receives the ball, prepares it and shoots. If the ball goes through opponents defenders, that is it. A goal for us.

Who: Rafail

Most likely to say: “Pass it straight, ay Gani!!!”

Least likely to say: “We got problem.”

8) The Assassin

He is our “last man”. We wish he was assassin to all opponent strikers. I remember that he once had a fight with opponent. With this note, we can name him the Assassin.

Who: Matleb

Most likely to say: “It’s a man’s game, son.”

Least likely to say: “Take it easy, it’s only a kickabout.”

[sayings are adopted from 5-a-side .com]

9) The Crock

He has fast heart rates. His heart beats I-don’t-know-how-many-times faster than I run on the pitch. I always fear that he might have heart attack while playing. Therefore I have already mastered CPR. Ready to help him in all emergencies, God prohibit.

Who: Elchin

Most likely to say: “We need two strikers, mate.”

Least likely to say: “I’ll play defence.”

10) The Weakest Link

He is a nice guy. He cooks for Ariz and host me nicely when I visit them. But when it comes to futsal he is victim of my [and his] ego.

Who: Beyrek

Most likely to say: “I want training to level up with you guys.”

Least likely to say: “I absolve you.”

11) The Net Dodger

I don’t know. I have to personalize myself with something or my fellow teammates come up with something makes look funny.

Who: Gani

Most likely to say: “I’ll play defence or goalie.”

Least likely to say: “You nuts all are lame!”

12) The Human Scoreboard

He is our human scoreboard. He is our statistical analysis guy. He collected all “FP Liqa” games data in a single excel file from very begging with every small details. A thing that the organizers have not done.

Who: Elmin

Most likely to say: “That’s one / two / three to us.”

Least likely to say: “That’s one / two / three to you.”

[sayings are adopted from 5-a-side .com]

Now, see them on the pitch. They all look like honey bees. You can also easily identify the gatekeeper bee [the big man]. Give yourself a chance trying to identify others  with characterization listed above. 


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