A Day in Gadabay Paradise[i]

0618 –   No single star in the sky, as it is thick cloudy. Fog settled down. The city light poles are seen blurry.

0645 –   Serving myself pudding for breakfast.

0730 –   Service car is late. But it is snowing lightly.

0805 –   In the site. No problems. Everything is quite as there is nothing going on.

0840 –   Boss showed up! Assigned to be responsible to what site supervisor supposed to do: to SHAPE the slope of the Dam, such a crucial task but not a challenge any more. used to it.

1225 –   It feels like SSDD[ii]. All operators think that they know all about engineering.

It is already [awful!] lunch time. Yehuuuu 🙂

1400 –   Slow start. Still SSDD!

1440 –   The shape of right edge of the Dam slope looks alright :).

The Sun came out and then hid behind of the thin layer of cloud. It is visible => GREAT

Actually, I’m living spring right now in terms of weather. However, bad news is that I see dark clouds far way in the Sky moving towards me :). It is autumn on the way coming in minutes.

1525 –   The Sun is clearly visible, no clouds. The dark clouds are moving away from me in different direction. Additionally, I also feel cold breeze now.

1700 –   The Sun went over other side of the mountain. Amazingly, the Moon is already visible in the east. You could have a look at both of them at the same time in you concentrate real hard the south and the north. Daylight is still there.

1750 –   It is getting colder and darker.

1900 –   It is over. It is dark. It seems that it is all about weather condition today which is only interesting thing.

[i] Notes were taken on December 3, 2012.

[ii] Initials of ‘Same Shit, Different Day’.


Published by genii

Gani Nasirov is the founder of Baku Free Tour and Azerbaijan Traveller. His company was awarded the “3rd Best Free Tour in Asia” in 2017 by the FREETOUR.COM platform. He has studied International Relations (Qafqaz University, Baku) and in particular EU-Russian studies (University of Tartu, Estonia). His two-year work experience in Gedabay Gold and Copper Mine gave him passion and enthusiasm to travel and explore regions of Azerbaijan and develop and organize alternative tours and trips. His interest includes researching into local stories such as urban legends and myths food and culture tours, architecture. He regularly publishes blog posts about Baku at thetravelguidebaku.wordpress.com.

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