Gedabey-Galakent Narrow-Gauge Line

An ordinary day - Almost all of them are in the site working busily in noisy, perhaps disturbing environment. - They are used to that condition. - Perhaps, also, my notion of disturbance is strange to them. I mean...they would be disturbed if I were to tell to them that ‘it is disturbing, isn’t it?’ [...]


The Siemens Brothers in Gedabey

Originally published on The Visions of Azerbaijan magazine. Foreign companies and entrepreneurs rushed to the Caucasus in the late 19th century, a result of tsarist Russia’s attempts to modernize and industrialize the whole empire. The enterprises did not necessarily intend to exploit natural resources, but when they saw the promising, unexplored opportunities, resource extraction was [...]

Depression is a Trip

You stay alive you stupid asshole Because you haven’t been excused… –Tony Hoagland, from “Suicide Song“   Depression is a wildly confusing, exhausting trip to someplace you didn’t actually ever intend to go. Let’s say you set out for Austria, had in mind a little singing on mountaintops like in The Sound of Music, and [...]

12 “Top” fk Players: who and what are they?

You should read ‘12 Players You Always See at 5-a-side’ written at before you read this piece of writing. Because this is adaptation of it. “Top” fk also consists of twelve players. This is to illustrate how they fit into’s characterization of twelve players we always see in futsal. The structure is almost [...]


Hamısı voleybol çempionatında (HVT II - İkinci həvəskar voleybol turniri) iştirak etmək istəyi ilə başladı. Adətimiz üzrə komandanı, son dəqiqə qeydiyyat vaxtının bitməsinə 15 dəqiqə qalmış qeydiyyatdan keçirdik: əslində Nağı bizi xilas etdi, yoxsa Arizin tənbəlliyi üzündən nə top olacaqdı, nə də topçu. Bu vaxt ərzində nə fikirləşdik, nə danışdıq, necə götür-qoy elədiksə nəticə yeni yaranan [...]